about us

“We believe that every life is
special, and through scientific
breakthroughs, World Wide
Genomics hopes to provide
products and services that would
improve your life outcomes and

Our Vision

To be a leading company in research and biotechnology

Our Values

WWG values diversity and knowledge. We believe that every person can give a significant contribution regardless of race, gender, and age.

Mission Statement

Elucidate the genetics behind lifestyle diseases, and improve the worldwide understanding and response through science and research.



Recognizing the leading causes of death worldwide, WWG was established as a contribution to the community and the scientific community.

WWG is a research-based company involved in genetics and molecular studies of common lifestyle diseases. At WWG, we hope to inform and empower people, reduce related mortality, and develop solutions for long-term health outcomes.


World Wide Genomics is involved in research on major lifestyle-diseases like obesity, diabetes, and common heart diseases. We also empower people through educational materials that would enlighten them of the crucial role of social and environmental factors in one’s life outcome.

what we do